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Hygienists Malpractice Insurance

Dental hygienists and assistants sometimes prefer to have their own professional liability insurance policies.  For as little as 14-cents a day, the Hygienist Protector PlanSM provides hygienists and assistants with affordable coverage options and a variety of limits and deductibles.  

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Is stand-alone coverage right for you?

Although the practicing dentists' professional liability insurance may extend coverage to his or her professional staff, there are instances when it is smart for a hygienst or assistant to have his or her own malpractice insurance. Stand alone coverage is recommended if you: 

  • work in multiple offices or in a temporary capacity in different offices.
  • volunteer at health clinics, nursing homes, schools, etc. where coverage is not provided or may be inadequate
  • provide consulting services in a free-lance capacity
  • wish to control your own coverage, select your own limits, deductibles, etc. 

Why buy your own professional liability insurance?

  • Insurance you buy will follow through any job changes and eliminate coverage gaps that may result from lay-offs, or from changes in employer-sponsored policies.
  • The full policy limit will be available to respond to a claim leveled against you. The limits of employer-sponsored coverage apply to all people named in the malpractice allegation, and limits of coverage are shared. Purchasing an individual professional liability policy with separate limits of liability ensures limits are there for the dental hygienist/assistant.
  • Your own policy will help you protect your personal finances and career.

Student coverage available

Professional liability insurance is also available for dental hygiene and dental assisting students.  Coverage is recommended for internships or working interviews.  One year of coverage is available for $30.  Follow the link below.

Securing coverage is fast and easy

Apply online, pay online and print the policy online. The whole purchase takes minutes. Click here to begin the process

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If you have questions, please call us at 800.860.2272 and speak to Misty Haigh(ext. 449) or Tina Croley (ext. 448). 

Coverage Features

The Hygienist Protector PlanSM offers malpractice insurance for dental hygienists and dentaI assistants, starting at just 14-cents a day!

  • Coverage through a carrier rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best
  • Claims-made professional liability
  • Coverage territory throughout the United States 
  • Expense outside the limit options available (additional premium charges apply)
  • Pay online
  • No hassle renewal issuance

Limits available up to $1/$3 million

  • Minimum limits $100,000 per-claim/$300,000 aggregate
  • Maximum limits $2,000,000 per-claim/$4,000,000 aggregate
  • Minimum deductible limit of $1,000 up to $25,000 (higher options available)