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Medicare assistance

MDA Insurance's Medicare Advisory Service is a FREE one-on-one resource for members, their spouses or employees who are researching, aging into or are eligible for Medicare. At this time of transition, individuals desperately need someone to help them sift through and understand the differences, complexities, and restrictions surrounding Medicare and their health coverage options. If you are turning 65 or have recently turned 65, you will want to attend the FREE educational “Understand Medicare and Your Supplemental Coverage Options” seminar, free to MDA members, with multiple dates available. Click below to register now.


Our approach is straightforward, educational, comprehensive and personal and will reduce your anxiety and confusion. We analyze each person's specific situation to help you decide initially if, when and how to transition into Medicare parts A and/or B.

Next, we walk you through the entire Medicare process, answer your questions, and analyze your specific situation including health and prescription medications.

Based on your needs, preferences, and priorities we then objectively present options aimed at maximizing your coverage while minimizing your out-of-pocket costs. Once you are confident with being able to make a well-informed and financially-sound decision concerning your best course of action we can facilitate your enrollment in those plans.
After your enrollment we provide unparalleled service aimed at exceeding your expectations, including advocating for you if challenges should arise with your plan. If your health needs and situation change in the future we can still assist you and help you make whatever plan alterations are necessary.

MDA Insurance works with our members through every stage of their professional lives from student to aging-into- retirement. We strive to protect our members, their families and their employees by helping them maximize their income and protect their assets through our member services, programs and products. We are proudly offering the following carriers:

• United America
• Blue Cross Blue Shield
• Mutual of Omaha
• Priority Health
• Silver Scripts
• Journey Rx

Application for Medicare Supplement Household Discount -- Exclusive to Blue Cross Blue Shield subscribers
Members who live at the same residential address may be eligible for a household discount. Each Medicare eligible adult must have a Blue Cross Medicare Supplement or Legacy Medigap plan and be a permanent resident in the same household.
Download application form.

Smart90 Pharmacy Network -- Exclusive to United American Subscribers / MDA Retiree Plan members
Smart90 is a money-saving feature of your prescription benefit. It makes it easy for you to fill
prescriptions for your maintenance medications (those drugs you take regularly for ongoing conditions) at a lower cost. With Smart90, you have the option to fill a 90-day supply of your maintenance medications at a participating retail pharmacy or the Express Scripts home delivery pharmacy – but you will pay less for each 90-day supply than you would pay for three 30-day supplies at a nonpreferred retail pharmacy.
Pharmacies who participate with Smart90
Learn more about the Smart90 program

New Medicare card changes:
Important: 10 things to know about your new Medicare card

Take advantage of MDA’s valuable Medicare advisory service---we make it “personal.”
For more information contact our Medicare advisory team:

   Rick Seely                                                                                         
   877.906.9924 ext. 411                                       

    Denise Wyzywany
   877.906.9924 ext. 450